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who are we

a new global network for ocean experts is a new global network for ocean experts that are dedicated to protect the marine ecosystem. Founded by Hermann Hacker, Michael Walther and Kristina Stemmer with the support of engaged ocean lovers. Our unity is the compassion for the ocean and the drive for a strong engagement in ocean protection projects.

our vision and goals

improving the condition of the marine environment in a sustainable way.

our vision: a healthy and clean ocean, from the open sea to the coastal zones. Free from plastic, oilspills, pollution, overexploitation and full of life. aims for a sustainable improvement of single marine habitats and therefore the marine resources that people depend on.

our idea: stronger together. is a webbased network for ocean experts. Activists, pioneers, supporters, scientists, sponsors and countries get the worldwide connection for a healthy and intact marine ecosystem. We inform about marine friendly projects and initiatives. We are think tank of innovative ideas and technologies and matchmaker for sponsors and projects. You can follow the global development of ocean protection and get involved. For the sustainable use of marine resources.

Help to keep the oceans clean.

sustainable entrepreneurship

For companies and enterpriser

We are looking for creative minds and pioneers - supporters to establish and push forward project work and technologies for marine conservation. We offer the perspective on a global operating, committed community. With the chance of a positive impact on the marine environment and taking action with own campaigns like awards, conferences, round tables, studies, etc.

launching assistance

To make blue work we need you

Let’s hear about new up-cycling products to reduce existing waste. Marine friendly innovations like greenboats, the first sustainable boat crafter in Germany. Inform about novel technologies to prevent marine pollution. Be part of the blue connection.


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